Carl P. Paladino has recruited his wife to hit the campaign trail and has put his daughter in a new commercial urging voters to “get to know my dad.” At the same time, Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo has rolled out an advertisement touching on abortion and has ferried his daughters across the state in an RV on a political tour.

In the race for New York governor, women are suddenly popping up everywhere — everywhere, that is, except inside the campaigns’ inner circles.

The seven-way New York Gubernatorial debate, as it happened

Nick Rizzo: Kristin Davis: “The key difference between the MTA and my former escort agency is that I had one set of books and operated with on-time service.”

Alex Pareene: Kristin Davis wants the MTA run more like a brothel.

Nick: I’m maybe in favor.

Alex: Though auditing the MTA seems to miss the point, which is that it’s underfunded by … Albany.

Nick: But what kind of pension costs would we end up having to pay piano players if they belonged to the Transit Worker’s Union?

Alex: You certainly don’t want your girls making overtime.

Michael Long, the 70-year-old chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, on Rick Lazio, Carl Paladino and the “big year” for conservatives. In 2010, they’re fighting back.

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Steve Kornacki on how Carl’s crazy schtick could save the Democrats.