"Don is congratulated all around by his pitch, but in that way that you allow your kid just home from freshman year of college to explain to you who Heidegger was. Everyone’s in on the game but him. He thinks he must look so gallant leaving Joanie’s place, with his hat all cocked, a real life Superman in his suit: “I need to go home and prepare.” He got to her too late and even though she knows the truth, she doesn’t say a word. For reasons that were probably a mix of kindness, shame and pride she allows him to look like a fool the next day. He’ll never know whether it was he that won Jaguar over or she, and even if it was a combination of both, they didn’t do it as a team, a concept he has never approved of. “It’s very hard to get things done with you in another room,” says Ginsburg. “I obviously disagree,” answers Don. Now he’s lost the faith of his staff and has no way of gauging his value anymore. His greatest fear of being abandoned happened, at the hands of the three woman, humans, who make him feel the most whole."

— Starlee Kine, in her recap of Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men,” on Capital New York.

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