Steven Boone's pieces for Capital were one of my favorite things we did this year. Matt Zoller Seitz sent Steven, an incredibly gifted writer, over to us to write movie reviews, and they were fantastic. But Steven’s pieces about homelessness, hustling, shelter scouting, dirt and rats, money and love, and more were not only beautifully written, they also fulfilled our mission. With Josh's editing guidance and encouragement, Steven told untold stories about how New York works to an audience of smart people who think they know everything. The reaction we got from readers was overwhelming. People still mention his stories to me when they talk about what they enjoy reading on the site.

Steve is currently on sabbatical in the South, visiting his family. We miss him in our pages, but you should see his byline again soon. I can’t wait.

Here are some of Steven’s popular pieces for Capital:

The day Louis Farrakhan played Bellevue

Designer shades, quiet hustle: The entrepreneurs of the New York City homeless shelter

Out, but not up: Homelessness in the age of Bloomberg

A happy New York love story, other than the part about the money

Scouting poor-people locations for Mayor Bloomberg, not that he asked

Bleak house: The problem with some New York shelters is people have to sleep there